Repechage 00


Bespoken jewellery dedicated to the woman and her intimate past.

The creation are made together with the clients and their memorabilia forgotten for long time. Those are renewed and become a beautiful jewel rich of memories.






1.  Open the drawer and start rummage in the jewel box: you find your auntie old ring, your granny broken earring, the little baptism heart…. you cannot wear them anymore and you feel a bit sad.

2. Put all the jewels in a little bag and close it properly.

3. Shake slowly the bag and think about the people whose memories are connected to the jewels and imagine a totally new jewel, wearable and completely yours.

4. Entrust the bag with your personal jewels story to Francesca Caltabiano, jewelry designer and creator of “Repechage”,  a style concept conceived to give a new life to forgotten jewels. 

5. Together with Francesca create your  “Repechage” new jewel.